We all know water is good for you, especially after a long day of cheerleading practice! Don’t break a sweat though! We have got all of your drinking water questions answered, and the perfect cheerleading clothes and accessories to go with all of our cheer water bottles.

1. Do we really need to drink 8 glasses of water every day? Not necessarily! Though water is the easiest way to keep you hydrated, the Institute of Medicine suggests that girls should aim for 8 glasses of any fluid, not just water. For boys, they recommend 12 glasses. We suggest this cheerleading megaphone insulated water bottle to aim for those 8 or 12 glasses because it will help keep all beverages cold or hot! Easy to clean and the lid will help you from spilling on any cheer wear while on the go!

2. Does Bottled Water cause tooth decay? Plastic water bottles don’t cause the teeth to decay, but they usually do not contain any fluoride, which is added to tap water to help prevent tooth decay. Keep those pearly whites bright by filling up your own bottle from the faucet! You can also help the environment by not purchasing any deposable water bottles. This big cheer water bottle will keep you going all day long!

3. Should I be drinking a sports drink to function at a high level while performing? Sports drinks with electrolytes may taste better, but will not increase athletic performance any more than water! Water is the most important way to transport nutrients and energy in the body. It also aids with removing heat during exercise. Cheer on your team with this customizable water bottle!

4. Should I reuse deposable water bottles? Surprisingly – no. Refilling single-use water bottles will leach chemicals into your water after multiple uses. It may also harbor bacteria from your mouth. Grab a bottle like this one that is designed to be refilled to save yourself from these chemicals.

5. Is it possible to drink too much water? People with certain health conditions can put themselves at risk of complications if they drink too much water. Aim for that sweet spot of 8 to 12 glasses of fluids to stay in tip-top shape!

Water is essential for survival – and for making your way to the top of the pyramid! Grab one of our water bottles and stay healthy all day long. Keep in mind with Earth Day coming up, we should all do our part to help reduce, reuse, and recycle.