little cheerleader

Confidence is the key to a great performance as a cheerleader. The best way to gain the confidence to be ready: enthusiastic, in shape, flexible, and rested. Below are some tips to achieve the best you can be.

1. Stretch - Suppleness close to that of a gymnast is your goal. Work on flexibility by doing daily stretches. Stretches can be worked in between other activities, while waiting, watching a video, etc.

2. Smile - Always keep smiling, regardless of the situation, the only exception would be of course if someone is injured or the like. But whether you win or lose or perform, great or not so great keep a genuine smile throughout.

3. Project your voice - Really projecting your voice takes practice, it is not an innate ability. Breathe from your diaphragm, Relax your neck and shoulders, Maintain good posture, Use your natural voice. Avoid yelling. Keep your throat moist by staying hydrated. Practice speaking quickly, Yawning.

4. Make Videos - Ask someone to video you performing. This will allow you to see and work on your strengths and weak points, also it can be a handy record of your improvement for motivation.

5. Crisp and Concise - Movements should be tight and accurate, not sloppy and wandering.

6. Know the Jargon - Every field has its own language know yours. How many of the following could you understand or explain? Arabesque, Arch, Aerial, Attack the Crowd, Base, Basket-toss, Buckets, Candlesticks, Cradle Catch, Cupie, Deadman, Dismount, Elevator, Extension, Flyer, Handstand, Jump, Liberty, Mount, Pyramid, Routines, Scorpion, Spotter, Straddle, Touchdown, Tuck, V Motion.

7. Have an Audience - Try to find friends or family to watch you practice. It can help to get you accustomed to larger groups.

8. Avoid risk - Never do anything you are not comfortable with. A coach should not expect you to do anything they don't think you are capable of.

8. Stay Calm - Don't be afraid to ask questions, and try things that may be new, but not at a dangerous level. It only takes a second to get an injury, but recovery can be long and slow to never. Stay Calm Your here to have fun and learn and develop. Expectations within your cheerleading group may be high, but remember, if you make a mistake, just pick up and move on.