Being a member of the cheerleader world can be expensive! If you’re new, you may need to expect a major shock. Until you see the countless fees, it’s hard to understand why cheerleading is so expensive.

Keep in mind that fees are not all due at once! A large chunk will probably be due in the beginning of the new cheer year, like after tryouts, but many other fees will be spread out over the cheerleading season. Here’s what’s generally due up front: Registration, Equipment, Camp, Uniforms and warm-ups, and Fall and Winter Season Fees.

When the Fall approaches, expect new fees to cover: Traveling, Spirit Events (pep rallies, banquet, team pictures, etc.), Competition Sign-ups, Competition Uniforms/Shoes/Accessories, Competition Extras (choreography, music, tumbling classes, etc.).

There are also fees that pop up every few months. Expect some fees for: New practice wear, New body basics, New bows, New Cheer Shoes, and Hair and Makeup Supplies. By understanding what fees to anticipate during your cheer year, you have a much better idea of when you should really push to fundraise.

Coaches, you should make sure you make a list of all fees throughout the year and plan fundraising events for your team. Be sure to ask parents and other cheer coaches for tips on what fundraisers worked well for them! You can also check out for amazing fundraising gear!