Happy Father’s Day, Cheer Dads! It’s rare, in the cheer world, to notice the importance of our cheer dads! Here’s our letter to you:

Cheer Dad,

We know you probably never imagined poofs in our hair could get as high as they do. possible. You already thought ponytails were hard enough! That is just one of the many ways you have helped support our passion for cheerleading. It is time for people to realize that cheerleading has never ever been an all-female activity. If people are not recognizing male participants, think about how cheer dads feel! While they seem invisible and behind the scenes, cheer dads really do play an important role in our lives!

Cheer Dad, thank you for putting yourself out there to possibly be labeled with all of the cheerleading dad stereotypes. We know you are just as passionate as cheer moms, stay active in our team decisions, that you have taken time to learn (or at least tried) the art of cheer hair and makeup basics, and that you have been the one to end team drama.

Cheer Dad, you are an essential part of my cheer experience. You are supportive of me and my teammates, encourage me when I am down, take me to countless events, and I am sorry for all of the times that my cheer friends and I have kept you up with our late-night giggles at sleepovers. Let’s not forget all of the time and money you have spent on my passion for cheerleading. My cheer calendar is always full, which always has you going places with me when you could be relaxing. Cheerleading is also an expensive sport; it costs a pretty penny!

Cheer Dad, I am so thankful for you. I might not always show it, but I am so grateful for everything you do for me to get to do something that I love.


Your Cheerleader
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