Cheerleading Camps Cheer Camps are coming up soon! Whether you are a beginning Cheerleader learning the sport or a veteran advancing your skills, Cheer Camps are a fun way to spend your summer days. You meet new friends, learn new tricks and your love of Cheer is sure to grow. Spirit Accessories knows that Cheerleaders like to be in uniform, even at camp. To help your budget, we offer Camp Paks as an inexpensive way to give all your campers a camp look! There are $5 in-stock t-shirts or we can customize your shirts with your own colors and look. Coaches and parents can order the looks they want that are sure to bring a smile to your campers. At the end of camp, you’ll love seeing your Camp Cheerleading Uniforms on display as the cheerleaders perform what they have learned. Let us help you with our vast selection of Cheerleading Accessories, including bags, cups, water bottles, and Cheer Uniforms.