There aren’t a lot of cheerleading movies to choose from, but there are a THREE that are a definite must-see if you’re a cheerleader.

Gotta Kick It Up

With the help of a new teacher who believes in them, the girls on the Marshall Middle School dance team build their confidence to prove to themselves, their parents, and coach that they are ready by competing and winning a dance competition.

Fired Up!

What happens when two popular high school guys ditch football for cheer camp? They quickly find out that cheer isn’t just for girls.

Bring It On

Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst) has been dreaming about being captain of her high school cheer squad for a long time. It’s finally her time! However, the former captain of the cheer squad stole all of their best moves from another school. In a short amount of time, she has to lead her team in creating an entirely new routine in order to compete in this year’s competition.

Which one is your favorite out of these? Do you have any other cheerleading movies that you love to watch?