PACK IN ADVANCED! Cheer Competition Essentials Checklist

We know there is a lot you need to remember to pack for competition weekends... Obviously, your uniform and cheer shoes. However, you might forget a few little things that end up being REALLY important! Here are some things to include on your checklist:

  1. Uniform — duh.
  2. Cheer shoes & socks
  3. Competition bow
  4. Makeup Hairspray
  5. Comb/teasing brush
  6. Lotion
  7. Bobby pins
  8. Hair ties
  9. Change of clothes
  10. Team shirt
  11. Camera
  12. Water bottle
  13. Snacks
  14. Pain reliever
  15. Stain remover pen — LIFE SAVER.

Did we forget anyting on the list? Let us know below!