December is coming to an end, which makes for the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments of this year! What all have you accomplished this year? Here are some big accomplishments that cheerleaders should reflect upon and see how they can improve in 2018!

  1. 1. Did you join a NEW TEAM? How did it change you? What are you going to do to build from that in 2018? Did you make new friends and learn new skill? Are you being taught things differently? How has it shaped you? 
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA? Does your social media reflect your personal growth? Do you post professionally? How will you use social media to achieve your goals in 2018?
  3. 3. FRIENDSHIPS? What new friends have you made this year? What have you done to maintain old friendships? 
  4. 4. GOALS for 2018? Competitions. Cheer Camp. School. Work. What all can you do to improve and become the best cheerleader you can be in 2018? Write them down!

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