Adjusting to a New Team

Did you just change levels, move schools, or start going to a different All-Star gym? You’re not alone! Cheerleaders are not on the same cheer team for their entire cheer career. The adjustment can be rough at times, but here are some things to remember in order to make your transition easier:

First, Remember that BEING YOU is important!

You’re supposed to be different and bring something unique to the squad. Show your new teammates what YOU bring to the mat! Keeping this in mind will keep you confident and happy on your new squad. Are you going to be a leader, teacher, motivator, or something else? You might not have the same role on your new squad, so don’t force it! Let the identity happen naturally; when you have it, you will know almost immediately.

Second, Remember not to compare yourself and abilities to others.

Nothing good comes from focusing on comparison. What good will it do to compare your new squad to your old one? Although things might be different than you’re used to, just remember that the people you’re with are cheerleaders with the same passion and devotion to the sport as you. Keeping an open mind like this will allow you to bond with the members of your new team. Even though you’ve moved to a different team, that most certainly doesn’t mean you can’t visit with past teammates, share advice, or help someone who is struggling.

Third, Remember to reach out first.

A big mistake that many people make when meeting new people is not initiating conversation first! Introduce yourself to the girls around you and be friendly. Don’t be afraid to talk to the captain or coach about organizing a team outing or dinner in order to get to know your team better. The more friendly and outgoing you are, the more likely you are to feel confident and excited about your new team.

Finally, Remember you are not alone!

Cheerleaders share a common bond that only cheerleaders understand. Everyone has been in your shoes (or will be) at some point in their life.Congratulations on making a new team! Go get ‘em!