Keep your cheerleading body healthy and energetic by staying hydrated in the summer months.

Here are some cheer-ful ideas to beat the heat and replace the sweat.

::: Entice yourself to drink, by keeping your drinks as cold as possible and take frequent small sips instead of gulping, this will also help you feel cooler.

::: Drink before you are thirsty to prevent playing catch up. Stay hydrated even days before you expect to be working out or cheerleading.

::: Choose WATER over sugar or carbonated drinks, when available, but any liquid is better than none, (except of course alcohol which increases dehydration).

::: For continuous cheerleading exercise of more than an hour, you may need to replace electrolytes with an energy drink.

::: Your body can only absorb so much water in a given time period, more is not always better, avoid drinking to the point of feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

::: Fruits, veggies, soup, herb tea, and limited juices help hydration and contain minerals needed, don’t forget vegetable juice. Still drink at least equal amounts of plain water when drinking juices.

::: Get yourself TWO insulated water bottles that are easy to drink from and do not spill, to give yourself options and help prevent running out.

::: Your skin absorbs and loses water, on hot dry days dampen your clothes if feasible. This will help prevent water loss from your skin and the air moving over you will create a cooling effect from the moisture evaporation.

SNAPSHOT: Fill one water bottle with lots of ice and WATER. Fill your second bottle with lots of ice and JUICE, alternate sipping from each! Keep a spray bottle with water nearby and give yourself a mist on dry days.

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