Summertime Snacks Summer is upon us and that means relaxing at home, swimming, tanning, playing sports outside with friends, etc. With all these activities available and what seems like endless time, there is one thing that always makes them better: food. It is necessary for living, but it also brings people together. Imagine how fun it would be to make an entire meal with a friend and having a picnic at the pool. Or, y’all could go drive around your town with the music turned up, the windows rolled down, and snacking on some delicious treats. The possibilities are endless. These are some of our favorite recipes and snack ideas, just for you! Watermelon Slush (Say Yes): 3 cups of sweet watermelon, de-seeded 1 lime 1 cup of ice 1 T of sugar (optional) 1 T of water (optional) Then blend it all together and enjoy! Savory Apples: 1-2 cut apples of your flavor choice 2 T of peanut butter or Nutella Easy and yummy! Strawberries with a Twist: However many strawberries you’d like 3 T of sour cream 3 T of brown sugar Take a strawberry, dip in sour cream, and then brown sugar! Seems peculiar, but it’s delicious! Hope you all try one of these! They’re easy and perfect for summer.