Summer is a great time to find effective ways of communicating with your squad. How do you keep in contact with them? Texts? Emails? How do you make sure your team knows times, locations, and what uniform to wear? Lucky for you, Spirit Accessories had created a list of useful apps and websites that are great for teams to have information at their fingertips!

1. TeachAide App

Need to take your squad's attendance at practice, fundraisers, and games? This app is perfect! While this app is not specifically designed for teams, it is still a great tool for your squad. You simply input your team members through your contact list. When you have practice, for example, you add the date and mark who was absent, tardy, or present. You can see reports of attendance up to that date. On top of all of this, it also has a random selection tool! Need someone to run an errand? No more arguments! The app will randomly select one of your cheerleaders from the list for you.

2. First Touch App

Regardless of what kind of phone they have, this is a free app the entire team can download! This app is a coach’s paradise; it provides a team calendar, a group chat, photo sharing, and more. It will send out an alert anytime a coach needs to get in touch with their team. "Where is the event again?" or "When do we meet?" will be questions of the past. No more searching through emails for addresses and times. Your new response will be, "Please view the team calendar on the app, thank you!" You will now be able to send quick alerts to inform squad members and parents of a cancelled practice or a sudden location change.


This is a website that allows coaches to make their own website for their team. It is fully customizable, making it such a great resource for your cheerleaders and their parents. You can add anything you see helpful to your website like: cheer chant lists, videos, photos, a team calendar, parent information page, tryout information, and more. It’s really easy to use and a great way to express the personality of your team.

4. Facebook

Today, teams almost always have a Facebook page to keep members, families, and the community informed. These pages are usually ran by the coach or a designated parent. Facebook is a great way to showcase any videos or team pictures that you would like the community to see. Facebook also serves as a great way to inform others about tryouts, upcoming events, or fundraisers. Not only will you have family support, but members of your school community are likely to enjoy these posts as well! Most people have Facebook and are typically connected by phone.

5. Twitter

In the world of high schoolers, Twitter is probably the most popular. Quick reminders for your team will serve well here. However, Twitter only allows 140 characters per Tweet - it is not great for providing extensive details about events or announcements. Use Twitter to post fliers, pictures, videos, etc. that will attract your audience to your team website or Facebook page!

Do you have Apps that you love to use for your team that we didn't mention? We'd love to hear about them! Comment below!

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