Where to find Cheer Competitions First off, take the direct route, ask friends, associates, moms, and seasoned cheerleaders. They are probably the best and easiest place to start. Also, they will most likely be in touch with competitions that are a good fit for your particular situation. Next, hit the world wide web, just search for “cheer competitions” but be sure to add specifics in your search string i.e.: Do you want International, National, Regional, State, or Citywide? All Star? Varsity? Distance? What else might be of interest in the place it is held? Or anything else that comes to mind to specify who you are. You can also search for “lists” of competitions which can be convenient. If you’re a coach who is planning a competition trip, here are a few points to consider: Allow parents enough up front notice to plan for everything in their way such as allowing for financial costs, make arrangements for their other children, and allow time in their work schedules. Plan a meeting to discuss items such as transportation, lodging, and Q and A’s about the event, attendance should be required for participation in the competition. Distribute any literature that you may have access to. Ask those present to share past stories of events. Present an estimate of the itinerary planned. Talk about possible or planned cheerleading camps and clinics for preparation. These things will help things go smoothly and give you leeway in team member participation.